My Birth Mentoring Package includes:

  • A free consultation on the phone to decide whether I am a good match for you and your partner
  • Four  antenatal visits in your own home
  • Session 1:  Your needs in labour. Your birth preferences. Birth as a rite of passage. Exploring  the time line of birth. Early Labour and how to recognise its symptoms and coping strategies.
  • Session 2: Creating and using your own visualisation tools. Exploring attitudes to the intensity  and sensations of labour. Exploring strategies to cope with the intensity of birth. including physical, emotional and visualisation strategies.  Identifying what happens to your body and your baby as you move through labour and birth
  • Session 3: Examining anxieties  and fears. Finding our inherent coping skills. Preparing a birth tool box. Looking at the evidence base surrounding birth interventions.  Understanding what pharmacological pain medications are available during labour in a hospital setting and what non pharmacological pain relief options are available and how to employ them. Positions for birth.
  • Session 4: Birth as a journey;  how we move through from early labour to birthing the placenta, physically and emotionally. Exploring how to work with midwives and other staff you may meet on your journey. Ensuring you are prepared for a caesarean birth should one occur. Birthing your placenta and early baby care. Feeding options and how to get breastfeeding off to a good start.
  • Consultation on using homeopathy during labour and the postpartum
  • Unlimited phone and email support during pregnancy and for up to two weeks post partum
  • One postnatal visit

Antenatal sessions last approximately 3 hours each. Homeopathic consultation lasts approximately an hour.

The charge for this service is €600, of which a non-refundable €150 deposit is due at booking. The remaining balance is due in three €150 instalments at each of the antenatal visits.