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Recent Media Interviews:

Examiner Newspaper: 10th May 2022 Conscientious objectors already limit services at our maternity hospitals  https://www.irishexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/arid-40868585.html (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

Pat Kenny Show 20th April 2022:  Ireland’s first mother and baby mental health unit

The Journal Online Newspaper April 10th 2022 Ireland’s first mother and baby mental health unit due to be developed by late 2024 https://www.thejournal.ie/mother-and-baby-unit-hse-delays-5731566-Apr2022/  (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

Independent Newspaper: April 13th 2019 Dignity and Respect in the Maternity Services cost nothing. https://www.independent.ie/opinion/comment/eilish-oregan-dignity-and-respect-cost-nothing-but-both-can-be-mislaid-in-an-overstretched-maternity-hospital-ward-38011335.html?fbclid=IwAR2lb0GAfdjO25LeqVNtg5sIPGJ1YpVjKu6vmS9pb_tigvQXWKyNfj5JkFM (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

The Journal.ie April 11th 2019 The importance of listening to women in the maternity services https://www.thejournal.ie/childbirth-joe-duffy-4585612-Apr2019/?fbclid=IwAR3MPZEgI5ZJArl_SGtDmTB8xFEFDA7xzgz24sKhL0leoTF875MaPZZmYrA

Image Magazine: April 9th 2019 Having a home birth in Ireland https://www.image.ie/parenting/meghans-rumoured-home-birth-unnecessary-trial-or-the-most-rewarding-way-to-have-a-baby-146706

Irish Times April 6th 2019 Obituary for midwife Philomena Canning https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/philomena-canning-obituary-combatative-advocate-for-women-s-choices-in-child-birth-1.3850797?fbclid=IwAR3_A8v_26OBgHLA3UKWTgpUIz2TjYEUyNZg6KGD_XDxr5VvQmAzS3n1u0E

Irish Examiner April 4th 2019 The National Maternity Strategy Implementation issues. https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/views/analysis/there-shouldnt-have-to-be-scandals-before-we-get-political-action-915245.html?fbclid=IwAR1mD3XBR9lTcl9bUdU7x8fhqZTcc9LC-egQ9RJDT0S-Al55mwtFJinCpXc

NewsTalk National Radio – Pat Kenny April 1st 2019 Has the National Maternity Strategy come to a standstill? (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

Irish Examiner March 5th 2019 The New National Maternity Survey https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/mums-to-be-asked-for-views-on-maternity-services-908889.html?fbclid=IwAR1_x52it91U_rJViORpIOMD0HBVUtd-8rjP-8rMh8xEVJjVZxziJImLw_k

Highland Radio: February 14th 2019 Maternity Services in Donegal

Irish Times: February 6th 2019 Self care for new mothers https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/health-family/parenting/self-care-key-to-well-being-for-new-mothers-1.3773443?mode=amp&fbclid=IwAR3UniT0rrEa7bCC8LzbsvCdflOuA-U2rOGUVqqlSPNuVwKzfQpxX8cNbz8

Spirit Radio: What is available in our maternity services. July 2018 http://podcasts.spiritradio.ie/current-maternity-services-available-in-ireland-krysia-lynch-chair-of-association-for-improvement-of-maternity-services/ (on behalf of AIMS Ireland)

Health Hero in the Irish Times July 16th 2018 https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/health-family/a-healthy-society-starts-in-utero-1.3544341

Opinion Editorial in Sunday Business Post Newspaper August 20th 2017: The Implementation of the National Maternity Strategy for Ireland

RTE 6-01 Television News: May 2017: Discussing the decision of the Sisters of Charity to pull out of the running of St Vincent’s Hospital, (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

RTE 6-01 Television News: April 2017 In studio Interview with Brian Dobson discussing the difficulties the public have with the proposed move of the NMH to the St VIncent’s University Campus. (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

RTE Television News at 1 April 2017: Interview with Fergal Bowers on the issues associated with the proposed move of the NMH into a State Church Partnership. (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

RTE National Radio NEWS, NEWSTALK National Radio NEWS, TODAY FM National Radio NEWS 98FM Radio NEWS, QFM NEWS, Independent Radio NEWS: April 2017:  Discussing Church state partnerships in terms of Maternity care. (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

TV3 Tonight with VIncent Browne: April 2017: Panelist discussing the proposed move of the NMH to a hospital with a religious ethos. (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

RTE 6-01 Television News: April 2017 Discussing the potential problems associated with the proposed NMH move to St VIncent’s Campus (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

RTE Radio 1 DriveTime: April 2017 Discussing the proposed move of the NMH to the St VIncent’s University Campus (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

NEWSTALK National Radio Drive: April 2017 Discussing the proposed move of the NMH to the St VIncent’s University Campus (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

NEWSTALK National Radio: April 2017 Discussing the use of homeopathy in the treatment of symptoms in pregnant people children and babies.

NEWSTALK National Radio: Saturday 28th January 2017 Discussing Maternity Care in Ireland and what makes a “good” birth  (On behalf of AIMS Ireland)

KCLR: Friday 27th January 2017 Discussing the High C Section rates in St Luke’s Hospital Kilkenny (on behalf of AIMS Ireland)

LMFM Radio: Friday 13th January 2017 Discussing the Waiting lists for Gyny patients in Ireland (on behalf of AIMS Ireland)

NEWSTALK National Radio: Saturday 7th January 2017 Discussing the case of Mignon Underwood who was misdiagnosed leading to the death of baby Conor (on behalf of AIMS Ireland)

NEWSTALK National Radio: Saturday 5th November 2016 Discussing the case of MS B whom the HSE tried to force have a cesarean section

NEWSTALK National Radio: Saturday 8th October 2016 Discussing our dairy industry and the effects on breastfeeding in Ireland (on behalf of Baby Feeding Law Group)

Highland Radio: 1st June 2016: Discussing the National Maternity Strategy and improvements in our maternity services

Today FM, NEWSTALK 31st May 2016: Discussing the Maternal Death in the NMH

NEWSTALK: Saturday 7th May 2016 Discussing Maternity Care in Ireland

Waterford Local Radio:26th April 2016: Cesarean Section Rates in Ireland.

NEWSTALK: Saturday 16th April 2016: Discussing our breastfeeding rates in Ireland

LMFM: 5th February 2016: Discussing the availability of early scans in pregnancy in Ireland

NEWSTALK: 30th January 2016: The National Maternity Strategy for Ireland

Midlands Local Radio: 28th January 2016: Discussion the Maternity Strategy in light of the incidences in Port Laoise Maternity Hospital

NEWSTALK: 13th September 2015: The events that lead to the HIQA report in Port Laoise Hospital and the experiences of the families affected

NEWSTALK: 9th May 2015: Maternity Care in Irelland